Mangosteen belongs to the family of Garcinia mangostana var Mangostana. It is an exotic, tropical fruit with a slightly sweet and sour flavor. It’s originally from Southeast Asia but can be found in various tropical regions around the world. The fruit is sometimes referred to as purple mangosteen because of the deep purple color its rind develops when ripe. Mangosteen is a staple fruit of Southeast Asia that has a sweet and sour taste with a fleshy texture. Abundantly grown in South East Asia.

Best Season

July to August



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A ripe fruit at room temperature lasts for a few days. Unlike mangos, mangosteens must not be frozen as refrigeration or freezing quickly causes damage. For longer storage, keep it at 10°C which will keep it in good shape for several weeks.


Mangosteen is often eaten as a dessert fruit or made into jams.