About us
Who We Are

Established in 2012, The Elephant Company embarked on a mission to infuse everyday life with interesting products . Our initial product lineup featured a captivating blend of personal accessories and home décor, distinguished by vibrant graphics and unique prints. These offerings were made available both online and through innovative shop-in-shop formats, pioneering a trend that endured until 2018.

Since then, our company leadership has been exploring new avenues for engaging our audience. Drawing upon our family's extensive background in the food processing industry spanning five decades, we identified a promising opportunity in the fresh fruits and vegetables sector. India's rich variety of produce, coupled with an ever-expanding market fueled by discerning consumers, inspired us to venture into this domain. Retaining the memorable and colorful brand identity of The Elephant Company, we are now expanding into fruit branding, with "Mangofina" representing our venture into fresh mangoes.

What We Do

At The Elephant Company, we've crafted a comprehensive strategy for sourcing and importing fresh fruits and vegetables, with a particular focus on exotic varieties. Given India's burgeoning consumer base and increasing purchasing power, there's a growing demand for year-round access to fruits. Our sourcing network spans across Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Chile, Poland, various African countries including South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi, and Kenya, as well as New Zealand and Australia.

In addition to importing, we leverage India's strengths in exporting fruits like Mangoes, Pomegranates, Bananas, and Grapes to both the Indian diaspora abroad and international consumers seeking premium produce from India. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals experienced in handling perishable goods, our office strategically located near the APMC market in Navi Mumbai's Vashi area ensures proximity to cold storage facilities, seaports, and the upcoming second international airport of Mumbai.

Our synergy with the group's food processing business further bolsters our capabilities, potentially optimizing the supply chain and enhancing operational efficiency.

The Elephant Company will very soon also indulge you in our exquisite array of nutritional fruits, including Apples, Dragon Fruits, Mangosteens, Rose Apples, Oranges, Passion Fruits, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Mulberries, and Avocados.

About Mangofina

Mangofina, an initiative of The Elephant Company, is a fresh mango brand designed to captivate our customers with the essence of spring embodied in the mesmerizing aroma of the King of Fruits, Alphonso. Our seasonal offerings include the tender sweetness of Kesar, the lusciousness of Banganpalli, and the refreshing taste of Badami. With every bite, we aim to create a moment of celebration and indulgence, capturing the essence of joy in delectable flavors. Each Alphonso Mango from Mangofina is meticulously selected and packed to ensure that only the finest fruit reaches our customers, delivering a truly magical experience.